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【freeing your Self and your life through yoga ー message from Yukari】

Why has yoga caught your attention?

Are you aiming to improve your health? Looking to lose weight?

I think any reason is OK.

In my case, I first got interested in yoga for the first time because of my shoulder pain and frequent headaches.


However, I realized that yoga is simply MORE soon after I had begun to practice it in 2010.

From the seed of yoga inside of me,
all kinds of possibilities started to grow,

…and after a while, my world changed completely!

I found that I had begun to live my life much more ease and freedom!


What is it about yoga that made me so free?



Asanas (poses) are just one part of yoga.

The crucial key is profound yoga philosophy.


If you’d like to meet yoga not only as a physical exercise but also as a fundamental holistic practice to free Your Self and your life,

you are always most welcome to nida, your “nest” in Sanskrit.




Yoga teacher, studio owner of studio “nida” since 2014.

Yukari teaches yoga classes and various unique workshops with profound philosophical/spiritual themes.

She can teach in Japanese and English.

Yukari also has many private sessions customized for each client with deep listening, energy work, Ayurvedic massage, teaching asanas and so on.

She sometimes organizes workshops with wonderful Japanese or international guest teachers and translates their English.

workshop with Emily Kuser from Bali in 2017

workshop with Dwiptanil Bhatthacharjee, an Indian sarod player, in 2017.

workshop with Kim Nguyen from Vietnam in 2017.


Yukari also teaches her regular classes at studio yoggy for 3 days a week.


After graduating from the University of Tokyo’s graduate school,
Yukari began to work as a geography teacher at private junior high and high schools.

She began to practice yoga in 2010.

She has practiced yoga mainly based on Anusara® yoga and completed many yoga training programs at studio yoggy.


In 2014, Yukari quit teaching at school after 11 years and started to join various yoga training programs abroad.

One of these programs was the 200-hour High Vibe Yoga Teacher Training with Emily Kuser, a certified Anusara® yoga teacher in Ubud, Bali.

In 2015, she finished another 200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with a certified Anusara® yoga teacher, Bridget Woods Kramer, Carlos Pomeda and Ananda Leone in Ubud, Bali.

In 2016, she completed the 300-hour Anusara Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Anusara® yoga certified teacher, Jonas Westring, Carlos Pomeda and Balarama Chandra in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As a dedicated yogini, Yukari continues study yoga and meditation abroad every year.


In addition, Yukari learned Ayurvedic therapy at Kerala Ayurveda Academy in Kerala, India, in 2014.

She used to give massages at an Ayurvedic salon in Tokyo and, more recently, has also given massages to many clients at nida.


Yoga Alliance RYT500, E-RYT200 yoga teacher

Anusara Elements™ teacher
 →Anusara Yoga Teacher Directory

Certified master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programing
by Japan NLP Association & American Board of NLP




Tokiwamatsu Aoi Mansion #402
4-3-17 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan

8-min walk from Omotesando station(B1 exit)
12-min walk from JR Shibuya station(central exit)




What’s unique to yoga at nida?


1. “Heart Theme” based on profound yoga philosophy

2. intimate small classes

3. 90-min classes for a deeper experience

4. classes in English

5. private sessions



【1. “Heart Theme” based on profound yoga philosophy】

Every class begins with Yukari’s talking about a theme connected to profound yoga philosophy.

Practice with this “Heart Theme” bridges your learning on the mat to your life off the mat.

The “Heart Theme” is a main characteristic of Anusara® yoga.


【2. intimate small classes】

Each class has 10 students at maximum.

All the English classes are open-level, so beginners are also welcome as well!

You can make friends with the other students not only during class but also while drinking tea together after class.


【3. 90-min classes for deeper experience】

In Japan, most of yoga classes are either 60 or 75 minutes long.

However, nida offers longer 90-min classes, which are common abroad.

This is because…

・ At nida, we give importance to taking the time to share “Heart Themes” and chant invocations at the beginning of class.
These can help you set yoga practice apart from your ordinary daily life and ground yourself in the here and now.

・ 90-min classes make your practice more effective.
Practicing for a longer time period allows you to both activate your muscles more and to relax your muscles and nervous system more effectively, too.
・ Practicing plenty of Shavasana (resting pose) at the end of class ensures that your parasympathetic nervous system can become more active.
This releases your physical/mental fatigue and it also allows the “Heart Theme” to penetrate much deeper inside of your mind.

The word “nida” means “nest” in Sanskrit.

The hope is that at nida, you can rest your wings, come back to your “true home” inside of your Self and fly again with revitalized energy.


【4. classes in English】

You can join classes in English at nida!

Currently, nida offers two kinds of English classes (please see below).

 *The other classes are generally taught only in Japanese!
  If you speak English, please join the two below.


Anusara Elements™ basic (English) ★★
This is an Anusara® yoga class in which we practice
asanas(poses) with a “Heart Theme” guided by the Anusara Elements™ teacher.
“Heart Themes” and “Universal Principles of Alignment” are characteristic to Anusara® yoga, which is based on a yoga philosophy aiming to find the inner goodness in every one.
Anusara® yoga is a beautiful heart-oriented hatha yoga system.
You can learn both effective approaches to asanas and the essence of profound yoga philosophy which you can apply to your daily life.
In Anusara® yoga class, you may often practice in pairs, so you can experience the shared joy of learnning together with your “kula”(community).
As you continuously move your body according to the “Heart Theme” of the class, you will experience a big change both on the mat and off the mat.
This class is open-level, so anyone is welcome to join!



relax & restorative (English) ★
In the first half of this class, you move your body slowly. Then, in the second half, you hold each relaxing pose for a longer time using many props.
Evening classes of this type teacher candlelight and the scent of aromatic incense.
In this meditative class, your body and mind begin to relax so that healing can occur naturally.
In this busy modern life, we all unconsciously live with more tension -both inside the body and inside the mind- than we might realize.
To balance your energy flow, it is very important to practice not only in active classes but also relaxing classes like this.
This class is also open-level, so anyone is welcome to join!


nida organizes workshops with amazing international yoga teachers several times a year.

Join us and experience you it feels to unlock your inner limitations and expand your freedom through the beautiful practice of yoga!



【5. private sessions】

Yukari can arrange a private session exclusively for you upon request.

For asana practice, for deep listening to your heart, for healing energy work…

Just let her know how she can help you.

 *for more information → click here



Before joining a class


You can join a class only after making an advance booking.

Book classes online from the schedule page.

・ When you create your account, please check your e-mail address very carefully!

 If there is any mistake in it, you will not be able to receive a booking confirmation nor log in again later.

・ When your booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

・ You can book a class up to an hour before the class starts.
  After that, you can book the class by e-mail or telephone.

・ If only one person books a class by the day before the class, it might be cancelled.
  Thank you for your understanding.


・ If you want to cancel a booking, please do so online from here up to the day before the class.

・ After online cancellation is closed, please send an e-mail or call as soon as possible.


・ If, without giving prior notice, you just don’t come to a class you booked,
 you will be charged cancellation fee of ¥500.

【time the door opens】

The door opens 20 minutes before each class.

You are encouraged to come to nida for changing etc. about 15-5 minutes before your class starts.

If you are late, as a general rule you cannot join the class as this would disturb the concentration of the other students.
Thank you for your cooperation.

【what to bring with you】

Mats and props are available, so all you”ll want to bring with you is…

・ yoga wear
・ water, towel and so on if needed.

【meals before classes】

You are encouraged to finish eating about 3 hours before your class starts.

Ii is difficult to deepen your practice on a full stomach.

【contact me】

If you have any questions, please e-mail me! →nidamail





 per class  ¥3,600 (including tax)

 for the first time  ¥2,000 (including tax)

・ Each class is 90 minutes.

・ Rental mats, props and a cup of tea after each class are all included in the price.

【multi-visit tickets】


card A 90-min 3 classes ¥10,000 (including tax)
card U 90-min 6 classes ¥19,000 (including tax)
card M 90-min 9 classes ¥27,000 (including tax)

・ You can pay by credit card, when the total is over ¥15,000 (including tax).

 *VISA, Mastercard or American Express

 *exception: not possible when paying for workshops run by guest teachers

・ You can use tickets only for regular classes, not for workshops nor private sessions.

・ The tickets have no expiration date.

・ Tickets are not transferable, meaning only the person whose name is on the ticket can use it.





private sessions


You are welcome to come to nida for a private session.

Alternatively, Yukari can come to your home or anywhere in the center of Tokyo, not only for a private session but also for a group class.

Otherwise, you can have a private session online, too.

Feel free to ask about them by e-mail.


special price ¥10,000 per hour (including tax)
(normal price ¥30,000)

In the case of Yukari coming to your place, ¥3,000 is charged additionally.

For a group class outdoors, the price will change depending on the number of students.
Please contact me first.




Q1: Yoga asanas (poses) look difficult to me. My body is stiff… Can I do yoga?

Sure you can!!!
Basically, it doesn’t really matter whether you can do all the asanas perfectly or not!
In fact, people with stiffness may feel the positive changes brought on by yoga more clearly than flexible people.
Classes at nida are small, so beginners can practice while feeling at home.
What’s more important is that physical yoga is just a part of yoga and it is not the only purpose of yoga practice.
Why not enjoy moving your body without any worry?


Q2: Is yoga a religion?

With or without any religion, you can do yoga.
(Yukari doesn’t follow a particular religion.)
Yoga is a philosophy.
It can be a basic guide to your life.
It is like an OS (e.g. Windows/Mac) in computers.


Q3: Can men join classes at nida?

Male students are just as welcome as female students!
One of my male students once said,
“Yukari is not too feminine nor too masculine.
She is rather neutral, balanced and easy to make friends with.”

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